The faceless gatekeeper of the beyond- very few get an audience with death and return to the mortal world.


“A figure slowly descended from the light above him. It looked as though it had been made to look like a human by someone who had never actually seen one before. Its feet had no toes, and its body was completely flat. The thing was wearing nothing, and it was just that its skin was pure white and perfectly smooth. Only its bald face – or at least, where its face should be, for instead of human features, the thing’s visage was just blank – was a different colour, the deepest shade of black, a black so dark that to stare at it was to feel as if you were staring into absolute nothingness, an empty void that seemed to draw the eye.”


We only know of one person who has met Death: Jimmy. Death offered to let Jimmy return to the mortal realm in return for the life of another….


Adventure of the awesome people. coolcat