A quiet wizard coming to terms with her brutal power


Otter always felt like she had an affinity with nature; it was in her name, always on her mind and in her blood. It was nature that gave her the magic which gave her purpose and a burning desire for adventure.

She grew up among six other competitive elf children in the great elf city of Alandres and fell through the cracks as she seemed weaker and less driven than the others.

As soon as she was old enough, she left to pursue knowledge. Learning stories of the past were the source of her daydreams which was her favourite past time. She went to the Therwood University 50 miles away from all she knew. Still, the shy and somewhat reclusive Otter had a hard time fitting in and making friends and begun to spend more and more time in the woodlands. It was there, she met her first true friend – Relardy the wise owl.

Relardy had once been a great wizard human who had and forever would be cursed and transformed by a black dragon witch, and saw great potential in Otter. It was him who nurtured her innate abilities, they traveled together as Relardy mentored and supported her to become the great witch she is today.

It was time in particular that Otter became obsessed with. She wanted to relive the past events of her heroes- but most of all she wanted to stop the black dragon witch who had left Relardy in an indefinite state of loss and isolation. It is her ticking heartbeat that gives this fact away of the private and quiet Otter.

Then came the Great War, in which Otter and Relardy fought bravely, but sadly one which took many lives of great creatures such as the wise owl Relardy. Heartbroken, Otter sought out Little Jimmy’s shoulder to cry on and a new friend.

After the war, Otter, Little Jimmy and Little Jimmy’s friend Tarquine decided to become adventurers. To forge their own destinies, mark time and make history.


Adventure of the awesome people. coolcat