Mysterious Runed Arrow

A sedative laced Arrow magically imbued to never miss it's target.

weapon (ranged)

The Arrow is etched with ancient runes from an unknown source- Otter managed to decipher enough to vaguely understand it’s properties, which are:
will never miss it’s target
Will dissolve upon the arrowhead’s contact with flesh
Will dissolve upon contact with sunlight


The Arrow was found by our intrepid adventurers in the horde of the dead Trash Dragon.

It was in a beaten up chest, within which were artifacts such as a “ring of water breathing” (with which the wearer no longer needs to breathe for around five minutes), a “necklace of concealment” to change a person’s appearance, and six ancient vials filled with three different substances. It is not known how these artifacts were created or where they came from. yet upon the front of the chest was the insignia of a supposedly mythical ancient assassin’s guild….. So that might be a clue.

Mysterious Runed Arrow

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